A few years after Lady Dowding’s demise in 1993, BWC in UK closed. Only two independently run BWC organisations are now in existence: South Africa and India. BWC - India does not accept any foreign aid or donations.

In India, BWC, an educational charitable trust for animal rights began by focusing on commercial exploitation of animals for vanity. Over the years the organization has within the framework of its aims and objects (BWC’s mandate does not include hands-on animal welfare work or the running of a shelter) expanded its scope of work to cover animals subjected to suffering, torture or death in the name of food, science, research, experimentation, dissection, testing, medicine, service, trade, entertainment, training, performance, exhibition, conservation, environment, confinement, genetic engineering, physical alteration, fashion, beauty preparations, toiletries, apparel, accessories, household goods, decorative items, religion, or for any other reason or purpose. This is in keeping with the BWC motto and logo: