• BWC continues to strongly oppose the setting up of crocodile farms where they would be specially bred and raised to be killed for their skins.

Animals are tortured, and slaughtered brutally, for various products including meat, clothing and accessories. The so-called "by-products" of their slaughter, often worth more than the meat, are used for innumerable cosmetic and household articles.
Animals are also tortured ruthlessly, and finally killed, for experiments and research. Animals do not volunteer for such agony, torture or death.

Few people are aware of such cruelties. But, not all products are made by torturing and killing animals. From Day One, BWC put in continuous efforts to contact such companies whose products are not made by killing or torturing animals.
BWC’s Veg Shopper’s Guide consisted of products — cosmetics, toilet preparations and even packaged foods — which were believed, in good faith, to be free of animal ingredients and animal testing. We had hoped the guide would make it easy for our members and consumers to adopt a vegetarian life style.
However, BWC is sorry to say we had no option but to withdraw the Veg Shopper's Guide. We do not wish to endorse products that we are no longer sure of being vegetarian, leave alone vegan.