Non-Veg on Menu Cards

Below is an exhaustive list of non-vegetarian items served in restaurants.

The list should prove useful to those who want to make sure that they never consume anything that was once a living creature.

What it says What it means
Aflatoon Mithai containing eggs and khoya
Anchovy/Hamsi A small fish like the herring
Ants Insects
Aquatic Food

Flesh of fish/meen and marine creatures like that of abalone, albacore, anchovy/golden anchovy/Hamsi/mandeli, barramundi/chanak, bhaja, bhetki, bhing, Black Tiger shrimp, Bombay duck/sookha bomil, butter fish, carp/rohu, catfish, cod, codfish, crab/kurlya, crayfish, croaker, cuttle fish, eel/unagi, fugu, garfish/green-bones, fish maws, ghole, haddock, halibut/surmai, hamachi, herring, hilsa/ilish macher, John Dory/St Pierre/zeus, katla, kingfish, kipper, krill/okiami, ladyfish/kane, langoustines, lobster, maccher jhol, mackerel, mirigil, mollusc (clam/mussels/seep/kallumakai/kayurumakai /shellfish/tisriyo), mrugal, mud fish, mullets/dhodhiyare, octopus, oyster/seep/kalwa, pallo, palu, pala, pike, pomfret/bangda, pearl spot/karimeen, pollock, prawns/jhinga/kolambi, ravas/halwa, pud, ray fish, ribbon fish, rock fish, salmon, sardine, scad, scallops, scampi, sea asparagus, sea bass/gobra, sea cucumber/sea slug/trepang/gamat/bêche de mer, sea urchin, salmon, seer-fish, shad, shark/sora/saur/mori, shrimp, snapper, snail, sole/lep, squid, swordfish, telio, tilapia, tiger  prawns, trout, tuna/choora/gedar, turbot, turtles, vannamei/white shrimp, whitefish, yellowfin, yellowtail fish

Asipenser/Imperial/ Royal/Sturgeon

Golden Caviar
A variety of caviar
Aspic/Aspic Jelly Derived from meat and fish
Assiette Cold cuts of meat

Sides and back of the pig, cured and smoked

Baloney Cheek of cattle as sausage
Banger A sausage

Meat of cattle/bovines: adult cow, bull, ox, steer, including buffalo Cuts of beef are called: Biltong, Brisket, Chuck, Flank, Fore, Jerky, Loin, Rib, Round, Rump, Shank, Short, Short Plate, Sirloin, Tail and Tip

Beluga A variety of caviar
Bhunni Dish made from goat's liver, stomach, intestines and blood
Beondegi Silkworm chrysalis/pupa
Bird's Nest Soup/Yanwo Made from the nest of the Swift bird constructed with its saliva
Bisque Soup Made from shell fish
Biltong Cured/dried thick strips of meat (rump and tongue) such as beef, game, ostrich, shark, venison, chicken, fish
Bivalve Molluscs Clams, Mussels, Scallops and Oysters

Black/Blood Pudding

Made by cooking animal blood till it is thick enough to congeal when cool

Black Ivory

Elephant coffee
Bombay Duck/Sookha Bomil A fish found in Indian waters which is dried
Brain/Magaz/Bheja Animal brain, mostly of sheep
Bonito Flakes Derived from a type of mackerel and used in macrobiotic foods
Bosin-Tang Korean soup containing dog meat
Bratwurst Sausage made from pork, veal or beef
Broiler Chicken meat
Broth Clear soup made from meat and bones
Bush-meat Meat of killed wild animals particularly primates, ungulates, rodents and birds
cà phê Chồn  Weasel coffee
Carabeef Buffalo meat
Cabrito Kid or young goat's meat
Carpaccio Pounded, thin, raw slices of meat or fish (beef, veal, venison, salmon or tuna)
Caterpillars Worms
Caviar Salted roe (eggs) of the sturgeon fish
Cawl Welsh stew with lamb and leek
Ceviche Marinated raw fish/seafood
Chaprah Ant chutney of Chhattisgarh
Cheese Could be of animal rennet (imported)
Chevon Mutton or meat of adult goat
Chitterlings Intestines of ox, calf, or pig
Chop A slice of meat like lamb, pork, veal
Chorizo A spicy pork sausage
Cockles Saltwater clams
Compote Game meat which is cooked slowly. (Also, a preparation of fruits simmered in sugar syrup.)
Cracklings The browned, crisp rind or roast pork
Crickets Insects
Currywurst Pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup
Daube Braised meat stew
Dak Dong Jip Chicken anus with chillies and onions
Doh Khileh Pork and onion salad garnished with pig brain
Dripping Fat that drips from roasting meat
Drumstick Fowl's leg. (Also a vegetable.)
Egg Bird's unborn offspring within shell
Eri polu

Silk worm pupas

Escalope Boneless slice of meat such as veal
Escamoles Ant eggs
Escargot Snail
Fabada Bean stew containing pig meats
Fillet Boneless slice of meat or fish
Flip Drink with beaten egg
Flitch A side of pork (pig) salted and cured
Forcemeat Meat prepared for stuffing
Fowl Bird meat, like that of chicken, cock, dove, duck, goose, grouse, guinea fowl, hen, jungle-fowl, partridge, peacock, pheasant, pigeon, pullet, quail/bater/lava, rooster, snipe, table bird, turkey, wild-fowl Cuts of fowl: breast, drumstick, leg, thigh, wing
Frankfurter Linked sausage of pork and beef
Fricandeau Cut of veal
Glamorgan Sausage Welsh sausage made of cheese, leeks and breadcrumbs
Galantine Fish or white meat cooked in aspic
Game/Shikar/Jungli Maas Meat of hunted wild life
Gammon Pig meat like bacon and ham
Gelato and Sorbet Both Italian ice creams: Gelato contains milk, and Sorbet can contain alcohol
Ggup Dae Gi Pig skin, usually grilled
Giblets Entrails, gizzard, liver, heart, and neck of birds
Gigot A leg of mutton, lamb, veal, etc

Grilled pig or cattle intestines mixed with vegetables and spices


Strip of fish or chicken coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried

Grasshoppers Insects
Gristle Tendon or connective tissue of an animal's body, converted into gelatine by prolonged cooking
Gribenes Chicken or goose skin with fried onions
Grubs Larvae/caterpillars
Ham Meat of pig
Hare Meat of wild animal resembling rabbit
Haggis Visceral meat of sheep
Head Cheese/Brawn/Souse Meat Not cheese but terrine/meatloaf made from the head (or may be ears, tongue, feet or heart) of a calf or pig (or may be a sheep or cow)
Hoggett Meat of sheep
Honey Bee product
Hongeo Fermented raw fish
Humble Organ meat of deer
Icas Queen ant
Ikra/Ikura A variety of caviar
Jacu Bird Coffee Bird coffee

Blood and entrails of pigs and chicken cooked with rice

Jerky Thin strips of marinated and burnt meat particularly beef; also game, kangaroo, moose, venison, caribou, elk, turkey, ostrich, salmon, alligator, tuna, horse, camel
Jumping chicken Frogs legs
Kamaboko/Chikuwa/Satsuma Ag/
Japanese fish cake

Raw crab, fermented and marinated

Kid Cabrito or young goat's meat
Kielbasa Polish sausage highly seasoned with garlic
Kipper A herring (fish) split, salted and dried in smoke
Kiwi Bird meat
Knuckle Knee/hock joint of a pig or other animal
Kopi Luwak/Kape Alamid Civet coffee
Krab/Crab Stick "Artificial crab meat" made from white fleshed fish
Kumis/Koumiss/Airag Fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare’s milk
Kuro-tamago/Black Eggs Chicken eggs boiled in volcanic sulphur pool
Kutti Pi Curry containing a foetus, usually of a slaughtered goat
Lamb Meat of young sheep
Laksa Seafood and noodle curry
Lapin/Lapan Meat of rabbit
Lard Clarified fat of hog
Liver/Kaleji Animal liver
Lox Salmon fillet
Malossol Caviar preserved with a minimum amount of salt
Marrow/Ghoor Fat in animal bones
Marshmallow A sweet containing gelatine and egg
Maws Dried swim bladders of fish
Mealworm Worms
Mince/Kheema Short form for minced meat
Mopanie Worms Caterpillars
Mousse Dessert containing milk, eggs and gelatine
Mutton/Lal Maas Meat of sheep/goat/lamb (red meat)
Nougat Middle Eastern candy containing egg and honey
Offal Internal parts/entrails and organs of an animal
Omelette Egg preparation
Osetra/Ossetra A variety of Caspian Russian caviar
Oxtail Tail of ox served as soup
Palm Grubs Weevil larvae
Pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, etc) Contain eggs some times
Pastirma Seasoned and dried meat like that of camel, cattle, pig and goat
Pâté de Foie Gras Liver of goose, force-fed, fattened and killed
Pavlova Dessert basically containing egg whites, cream and fruit
Paws Chicken feet
Payusnaya A variety of caviar consumed by Russian dignitaries
Pink Slime/Soylent Pink Lean, boneless beef
Pork Meat of pig, hog and wild boar: breast/brisket, chop, bacon, flitch, ham, hand of pork, gammon, knuckle, lard, pig's fry, pig's trotters, rasher, salami/pepperoni, sausage, scrag end, shoulder, skirt, suckling pig, tongue, trotters/paya
Protein Flesh or meat of any creature
Pullet Young fowl meat
Poultry Meat of chicken, turkey, duck and goose
Queen Ants Insects
Rambak Sun-dried cattle skin
Rasher A thin slice of bacon
Rind Small hard pieces of fried skin of pig
Rissole Meat or fish coated with egg and fried
Roe/Garabh/Gaboli Fresh or salted mass of fish eggs
Royal Jelly Bee product
Saddle Joint of mutton, venison, rabbit, etc
Salami/Pepperoni Pig meat preparation
Sausage A tube of thin membrane (from cattle) containing minced pork
Scatchings Small hard pieces of fried fat of pig
Schnitzel Boneless veal/pork thinned with a mallet
Sea Asparagus Marine creature
Sea Cucumber/Sea Slug/Trepang/
Gamat/Bêche de mer
Marine creature
Sannakji Live octopus
Sea Urchin Marine creature
Sevruga A variety of caviar
Shank A cut of meat from an animal's leg
Shark's Fin Fin of shark served as soup
Som Tam Green papaya salad with shrimp or crab meat
Sora puttu Shark flesh fried and spiced
Sorpotel Pig offal preparation
Soufflé Dessert containing milk and eggs
Squab Domestic pigeon meat
Steak Thick slice of meat, especially beef
Suckling Pig Pig cooked whole
Suet Solid animal fat

Korean blood sausage with noodles. (Also ice cream with topping.)

Sushi Rice ball made with vinegar in which a raw fish is placed
Taramas/Meze/Salata de icre
Paste like Hummus made out of fish roeh

Puréed olives with other ingredients, including anchovies

Tenderloin Most tender part of beef, pork, etc
Teppanyaki Steaks, shrimp, etc. grilled on an iron plate
Termite White ants
Tilli Buffalo spleen
Tongue Animal tongues of sheep, oxen, calves, pigs, etc
Tripe/Hojri Stomach of cow
Trotters/Paya Feet of pigs
Truffle A tuber gathered from the wild with the help of dogs or pigs, usually fried in goose fat and used as a condiment for potatoes/eggs, etc A truffle although similar to fudge, may contain egg
Turkish Delight/Lokoom A sweet that is likely to contain gelatine
Uni Meat of sea urchin
Veal Meat of calf
Venison Meat of deer and elk
Volaise Meat of ostrich
Welsh Rabbit/Rarebit Not rabbit meat - can contain cheese (animal rennet), Worcestershire sauce (anchovies), eggs
White-bait Fried young fish
Witchetty Grubs Larvae
Yakhani Chest meat of sheep or goat

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