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Regulation of Livestock Market Rules English   Hindi
Aquarium and Fish Tank Animals Shop Rules English   Hindi
Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules English   Hindi
Care & Maintenance of Case Property Animal Rules English Hindi


The Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2013 as introduced in the Rajya Sabha in August 2013


Directions under Section 5




Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses)
Regulations, 2011

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Chapter VI Sections 74 to 78 pertain to animals


Ban on all animals in circuses
Labelling of non-veg products
FSSAI Ban on use of Leather for making Silver Foil/Chandi-ka-warq
Testing Cosmetics on Animals Prohibited

Ban on Import of Cosmetics Tested on Animals
Animals not allowed in circuses, etc.
Clarification on “Bulls” under ban on performing animals Notification
Maharashtra State Government final ban on Bulls/Bullock cart races (Marathi/English)
Punjab Deputy Commissioner's Order upholding GOI Notification on Bulls
Notification reversing use of Bulls in performances (Stayed on 12.01.2016 by Supreme Court)
Performing Animals Registration Rules, 2001
Ban on Dolphanariums
Central Motor Vehicles (11th Amendment) Rules, 2015, pertaining to Livestock

Kerala High Court: Government vs. Indian Circus Federation
Karnataka High Court: Government vs. Indian Circus Federation
Supreme Court: Government vs. Indian Circus Federation
Interim Order dated 6.6.2007 Solapur Slaughter House
Mumbai High Court: Ban on Camels in Mumbai dated 16.10.1995 and 20.8.1996
Mumbai High Court: Ban on Victorias dated 8.6.2015
Ernakulam High Court: Ban on Camels 5.12.2005
Bengaluru High Court: Ban on Camels in Karnataka dated 6.1.2009
Supreme Court: Ban upholding Notification against Bulls as Performing Animals, etc. 7.5.2014
Court Order for Closure of Slaughter Houses during Paryushan
Tripura High Court Bans Animal and Bird Sacrifices 2019

CZA Questionnaire for Evaluation of Circuses

Ownership of Circus Animals
Rehabilitation of Circus Animals
AWBI Revised Circular for Pet & Street Dogs

University Grants Commission Ban on Dissection

Glue Traps
Humane Castration in Cattle
Tail Docking and Ear Cropping of Dogs

Animals not allowed during Political Campaigns
Milk and Milk Products Order (1992)

Eleventh Five Year Plan - Report of the Working Group of the Food Processing Sector
Testing of Cosmetics
Pharmacy Council of India’s CPCSEA Guidelines
Programme and Advertising Codes (Rule 6)
BCCC Advisory on Depiction of Animals/Wildlife in Television Programmes

Import of Pets

CBSC Advisory against use of Leather



Take a look at the BWC poster depicting the various acts of cruelty inflicted on animals. While browsing through its content, you are sure to discover many facts you did not know. If you love animals this poster is indispensable to you, for not only will it educate you on how animal cruelty is banned by Indian Laws, but it will also empower you to take appropriate legal actions.

Welfare Laws


The module presents information covering various Acts with reference to specific cruelties to animals.